Enhance your ideas

Just through unique sensations it is possible to step beyond what we believe


Even the best project is worthless if not valued.

The first sense used to recognize what surround us is sight and our aim is to push this sense over, toward the heart by catching and intensifing the feelings and emotions that our mind expects to feel in front of such view.

Imagination needs support to become reality, by developing its core through the art of visualization, but is weak without personality, we trust in a different way to represent reality and fantasy.



I'm an enthusiastic building engineer, passionate about architecture, photography and beauty in general.
Based in Italy, I investigate new efficient strategies to make each project unique and astonishing enpowering its vibrant and hidden soul that architects want to communicate through the practice of visualization.

Architecture as essential synthesis of anthropological needs represents a polymorphic and artistic testimony that deserves to be elevated and enhanced.

Get in touch emailing to luca@pedrielli.org